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High Heels Rhinestone Shoe Decoration

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New female laces high heels decorative buckle lazy shoes laces elastic strap anti-fall heel anti-slip strap
Suitable for all high heels.
This type of cord can firmly fix your foot with your high heels anti-loose.
Wear-resistant, elastic and durable.
Perfect for high heels and dress shoes.
If your heels are too loose to walk in, maybe you need this! It's used to help keep them from falling out of your shoes, and it's also suitable as a replacement for damaged heel straps!

Material: PU + rhinestone + elastic band
Size: Total length 27.5cm, diameter approximately 8cm (elastic)
Quantity: 1 set

1 * pair of women's high-heeled shoes laces
1 * pair of sole anti-slip auxiliary stickers

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Material: PU + rhinestone + elastic band
Size: Total length 27.5cm, diameter approximately 8cm (elastic)
Quantity: 1 set

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